MtA VIDEO – Episode 256: The First Annual Chrimby Awards

On this episode, Maria and Meghan take stock of the year in Magic that was 2017. Do they do this with long, thoughtful, contemplative audio essays on Standard or epic poems about the diverse state of Modern? Of course not! Instead, they hand out the first annual Chrimby Awards! Do you want to know which card won “Best Hat” in 2017? Of course you do! How about “Most Emo Jace” or “Least Emo Jace”? YES! And surely you can’t say no to “Card Most Likely to Induce a Pun”! The 2017 Chrimby Awards is awesomeness distilled to its purest form. PLUS: A quick recap of GP New Jersey (bye-bye Ixalan Limited), new Challenger Decks, and a peek inside the mailbag that leads to a discussion of musicals. This is not a theatrical review podcast. …We think.Watch our stuffs:

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2 thoughts on “MtA VIDEO – Episode 256: The First Annual Chrimby Awards

    • Yeah, Gruul. A bunch of goblins, elves, and dryads living out on a mountain in the middle of the woods playing banjos and making whistling noises by blowing across the openings of moonshine jugs.

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